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Ensuring implementing synchronously specialized information systems at national scale from central to local level


On the morning of 11th of October 2012, in Hanoi, the CIO council of state agencies hosted the 2nd plenary session in 2012, Vice Minister of Ministry of Information and Communications – Chairman of the Council was chaired the session, other members of CIO council also participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, representative of Authority of Information Technology Application – the Ministry of Information and Communications presented topic “Ensuring implementing synchronously specialized information systems at national scale from central to local level”, the presented issues was received many opinion of members of CIO council. In the CIO council in Middle area and in Southern area meeting, also pointed out several shortcomings in implementing information systems vertically from central to local levels.

Measures taken to implement synchronously specialized information systems from central to local levels needs to be a public lists, construction schedule of the system from the central to local levels; identify clearly the responsibility of implementation of building systems; identify solutions to connect, share, reuse of existing information systems when deploying new construction systems; it is necessary to clearly identify local support mechanism when deployment of specialized information systems and in particular to comply with the technical standards for the information technology application in state agencies to ensure connection. 

Another problem was also presented at the meeting is the development of national-scale projects under Decision No. 1605/QD-TTg dated 27/8/2010 of the Prime Minister, according to reports, there is about 12 projects either ongoing investment or pilot in total of 56 projects and the main problems here is that the allocation of funds for the project was not enough. The project proposed central budget to ensure construction costs, some of projects planned to use ODA source of fund.

In addition, the implementation of project was lack of coordination between relevant agencies and units; the Employer with limited capacity and experience of deploying information technology application projects with national scale; human resources are limited; administrative procedure was not standardized, overlap, resulted in the process of project implementation, units have encountered many difficulties and obstacles.
Solve this problem, the Ministry of Information and Communications has asked the ministries should review projects; selection of priority projects to invest from the state budget in 2013 and the period 2013-2015 and proposed solutions to deploy capital solutions from other projects.


Speaking at the meeting, Vice Minister Nguyen Minh Hong, Chairman of the Council noted the comments of the members of the Council and directed on the basis of the problem was presented at the meeting, Ministries need to propose solutions to deal with problems in the deployment process. Ministry of Information and Communications has recorded the recommendations proposed by the unit and will have specific ideas for individual ministries to address the remaining problems.
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