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Promoting PPP in IT development


(VEN) – While aware of the strategic importance of IT development to the economy’s growth, experts said that it is necessary to strengthen public-private partnerships (PPP).

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan (third from the left) 
talks with businessmen in the Vietnam ICT Summit 2012.

The 4th conference of the Party Central Committee XI adopted Resolution 13-NQ/TU on building synchronous infrastructure system to become an industrial country in modern way in 2020. According to Resolution, ICT is one of the most important infrastructures of the country to serve the socioeconomic development.

In the Vietnam ICT Summit 2012 held in June 26-27, envoy of the Prime Minister, former Minister of Trade Truong Dinh Tuyen said that IT has become the foundation for all activities of people. IT has boosted the globalization process in all aspects and IT infrastructure is economic as well as social infrastructure.

“The ability of connectivity and integration of IT has changed the production and management methods to create a new economic era. It is the era of knowledge economy, characterized by the transition from manufacturing technology to high technology,” Tuyen said.

Viettel deputy director Tong Viet Trung said that ICT is not just an industry. With an average growth rate of 20-25 percent per year and contributed 17 percent of GDP in 2011, ICT is a huge industry. ICT is also an incentive and a foundation to promote other industries, such as education, health, culture and entertainment.

Although achieving great progress and a breakthrough in strategic thinking, the development of IT in Vietnam remained limitations. All the industries recently have only interested in quantitative growth and have not paid attention to quality and efficiency. Besides, the head of branches and localities had not set tasks on the application of IT to increase productivity. Therefore, IT professional staff are necessary.

Difficulties for the Vietnam’s ICT market are lacking of funds, human resources, the spread of investment and connection between research, production and business.

To cut public expenditure to save and optimize State budget, Trung said that the forms of investment for IT projects of the Government and State enterprises should be changed. Instead of purchasing and investing in traditional way, the model of PPP should be considered. IT businesses spend funds on investing in the system, including infrastructure, equipment, IT application and human resources. The Government should set up policies and regulations to bring applications to life. This model can help the Government to not initially invest in, while enterprises are allowed to charge users for reinvestment and people are willing to pay service charges to have better quality services, reducing risks for the Government.

The model of PPP has become an optimal and appropriate model in implementing IT applications in administrative area, public services and a number of e-government sectors. “However, the guidelines and the provisions of law have not been clear and detailed, creating difficulty for enterprises in deployment process. The Ministries and the agencies need to review soon to complete the instructions,” Trung said.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Minh Hong said that the Ministry in coordination with the Ministry of Planning and Investment research and propose related provisions of PPP to be suitable for IT. In addition, IT enterprises are ordered to deploy a large number of information systems, such as national electronic mail system and electronic document circulation system. Even in the decree draft on IT services submitted by the Ministry of Information and Communications is also towards using or outsourcing IT services provided by IT companies to the Government.

By Quynh Nga

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